Vitex (Chasteberry/Chaste Tree Berry) – 20:1 Concentrated Extract



Concentrated Extract – 2oz/57g bag EQUIVALENT to 114 x 500mg 20:1 Concentrated Capsules
Highest Grade Source – Potent, Pure & Effective!
Non-GMO (grown and processed without pesticides or chemicals)
Tested for Mold, Yeast, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Chemicals & Pesticides
100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry) Chaste tree berry, or Vitex agnus-castus, is an herbal remedy used for thousands of years to support optimal health for women. Vitex helps regulate healthy and regular menstrual cycle, reduces symptoms of PMS and PMDD, alleviates menstrual discomfort and supports menopausal health. Our water soluble, premium grade Vitex extract powder is made from fresh Non-GMO Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry) and is ground to an 80 mesh powder for maximum absorption and allows for a smooth easy mix.

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